DIY 40 Inch Silver Reflector

Author: Jared Bouck
Project Cost: 8.00
Est Construction Time: 1 Hr
Required Skill Level: Basic sewing

So photography is not only a hobby of mine, but also more or less absolute necessity for what I do here on invent geek. That being said I have always been appalled at the high prices for photography equipment and accessories and I find myself thinking that I could make this a lot cheaper than that! Well its time I put my money where my mouth is I guess and finally start equipping my studio with the types of equipment I both want and need to create more consistent and higher quality imagery for our projects. So I have started a new series of projects in preparation to the launch of a new sister site in our how to network for photography, studio and lighting equipment and accoutrement that I am putting together. So we will be doing many projects across the board and wanted to start with something easy and yet worthwhile.

For our first photography oriented project we are putting together a 40” silvered reflector. Reflectors are extremely handy for providing fine control over lighting in a wide variety of shots. And while most reflectors cost 25-50 USD to purchase we have been able to achieve the same quality (by use of the same common materials) for a mere 8.00. While most geeks may not be skilled with a sewing machine, this is both a great introduction to simple sewing as well as our photography project line.

If you need a pattern for this project, here is a link to a gif you can send on over to kinkos to have printed on their large format printers that should set you back only 5.00ish. Make sure to right click the link and click “save as”.
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