Paintball Turret Plans

With the launch of the new site at long last we are pleased to announce the availability of the paintball turret plans for download. We have meticulously put these plans together for the version 1 paintball turret as well as several videos of how to assayable the project. To wrap this project up there is also some video of the test firing of the turret. Thanks to all our fans out there and your support and interest in this project. Version 2 is in the works with a refined drive system and an improved design!

Due to an overwhelming interest, we now have a full kit available from This kit includes all the parts you will need to assemble the main frame of the turret project. The only down side is this is a band aid until we get some manufacturing in place. Ponoko is very expensive for the service they provide. We hope to have a cost effective alternative soon.

This project is “experimental” and AS IS. You will have some customization work to build your project. The kits and plans we are providing are for educational use only and it is your responsibility to use good judgment when purchasing it. Machining and tool use skills are a must.

Download Plans:

Printable Gif | Corel Draw | Ponoko / ESP

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Test Fire 1

Test Fire 2

Test Fire 3