Floating Raft Deep Water Culture

Author: Jared Bouck

Project Cost: 20.00
Est Construction Time: 1.5 Hr
Required Skill Level: Can you use scissors safely?

So I've been on a hydroponics kick it seems lately. it's not that I'm some sort of vegan hippy tree hugger… I still play with my Arduino's, blow stuff up and have midnight raves with led's. But there is something just captivating with watching the grass grow. This project has to be my favorite hydroponic project so far. Not because its technically difficult, it's not. Not because I'm breaking down walls of intellectual bullshit so anyone at home can do it. Not even because its oxygenating my office, but that’s a nice perk. No I have to say this is my favorite hydroponic project because of the results. It takes about 4 weeks to go from seed to sea of edible green! The rate of growth for this is insane. Anyone can do this at home and definitely its practical indoors or outdoors. yep this can be scaled up big time. Perhaps I will… Try this one!

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