Diamond Grease

Author: Jared Bouck

Est Construction Time: 0.5 Hr
Required Skill Level: Simple Tools

Anybody who is a true computer hardware enthusiast these days knows that keeping your CPU from overheating while pushing it to its limits is one of the most important concerns. Thermal compounds like arctic silver are the front line of that defense, conducting the heat directly from the CPU to the heat sink. Without the compound, small imperfections in the surface of the heat sink can render the heat sink almost useless and lesser compounds can actually insulate your processor. Thermal compounds that are available for purchase have remained unchanged for some time. So I descided it was time to reinvent my thermal compound needs with some diamond dust!

To my great amusement we have apparently drawn a lot of attention both positive and critical of our experiments here. It is important to maintain some clarity here in perspective. When we originally published article nearly 3 years ago there was not a single commercial diamond based product available. We were in uncharted territory with our experiments and research. It is possible and we acknowledge that our testing methodologies at the time may have been flawed, however under any and all scrutiny we have never taken the article down or changed our original findings because we feel it would be a disservice to our fans and our selfs to hide or disguise our findings.

We are excited and gratified at the amount of interest and research ongoing with this area of interest and continue to encourage both findings and research be presented in a plane and easy to reproduce method to the public to help further the DIY Enthusiasts ability to make DIY Thermal Compounds a reality.

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