Force Feedback Racing Simulator

Author: Jared Bouck

Est Construction Time: 11.5 Hr
Required Skill Level: Advanced

I remember when I was younger taking a family trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. While the experience was overall a snore, there was this one ride that really captured my imagination: Back to the Future. For those who don't know, its a Delorean simulator with a back to the future theme. One of the first rides of its kind it is totally stationary and yet is still immersive enough to give the rough sensation of flight. This ride left a measurable imprint on me during my younger years. For some time I have wanted to make my own, seeing the NASA shuttle simulator and other similar training simulators all over. Well one day while playing mech 4 I realized that I had the power to do so literally in the palm of my hand. So I decided to mod out my simulator. Well a lot of R & D went into this and this is actually a prototype for the main build to come. Regardless its a lot of fun to build and tinker with, and we get to poke a little fun at yet another large demographic.

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