Here we have installed the paintball guns replacing the original bolts that attached the handle grips to the gun body with longer bolts so we could also go through the cradle as well. The cradle has a slightly elongated hole for the bolts in the front holes to allow for minor alignment modification of the guns allowing for straight firing patterns or a cross pattern at about 60 feet.

Here we have the two Q-loaders installed. It is important to note that this is a total frill, it allows for a slightly more rapid firing rate and a hell of a cool look, but two top mounted hoppers would work just as well at a major cost savings.

Here we can see the electrical system connected to the paintball turrets solenoids as well as a sneak peek at the wireless camera.

The QLoaders come with a couple adapters that connect the feeders tubes to the paintball guns at an angel that fit our application perfectly.

Here we have the mount and wireless camera installed. The range of the camera stock outdoors is about 200 feet. With modification to the antenna we can get about half a mile in ideal conditions.

Here is a shot of the completed project in a clear chassis. You can see we used a wire loom computer cable management system to protect the wires coming from the control porting to the upper turret.

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