Ultimate Dance Deck 2.0

Author: Jared Bouck
Co-Author: Danny Staten

Est Construction Time: 16.5 Hr
Required Skill Level: Simple Power Tools and Welding

This project has really taken a lot of time to finally get published. It has kind of taken a back burner to our other projects just due to its sheer scale. At the time of this article being written we have over 150 images and the article takes more pages than any other article we have ever produced. It’s just HUGE! So why is it getting finished now? Hardcore Gamer Magazine wanted to feature our older version of our dance pad. This new version is so far and above superior that I had to give them this. In fact they are featuring the world premiere of this article. So, with no further adieu. The ultimate dance Deck 2.0

Update: This artical was featured in the April 2007 Edition of Hard Core Gamer Magazine! WOOT!

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