So there you have it. For about 9.00 and less than a half hour of time you can have your own high powered lockpick. Now obviously pumping 9 volts into a 1.5 volt motor means it will ware out quickly, but if you use it sparingly it can really last a good long time. It will pop most popular padlocks open in seconds with very little effort.

So want to see the pick in action? Click the above image to watch it. We have insured this will stay up under extremely heavy bandwidth usage, but it's a much smaller avi file for now.

I got a whopper of an email today, let me share it with you all:

Fuck you very much for showing every creep in the world an even easier way to make life miserable for the rest of us. I really do not appreciate helpful projects on lock picking, bombs, or other destructive devices one can make simply at home. Why don't you back off and delete this piece of crap from your otherwise clever and informative website?

Yours very sincerely,
Jana Olson

Omega Too
2204 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702
Phone: 510-843-3636 Fax: 510-843-0666

My Thoughts:
I appreciate anyone's feedback on my site. One of the main themes of the site (as can be found in the about us) is to be a creative outlet for myself. And while I can understand some of the ethical concerns on this type of project, I feel that for some people there scope of reality may be a little to narrow.

You see the genie was already out of the bottle, just as with the atom bomb. And while this is nothing new it is one of my interests and hobbies on my site, I have never personally used this knowledge for anything illegal. And I do not condone anything nefarious or criminal in nature ever.

The reason I have gained this knowledge frankly is that it helps keep me and my family safer. Though granted a criminal is more likely to kick a door down or break a window than risk precious seconds on picking a lock. We can all choose to live in ignorance of the reality's around us or we can face them to improve our surroundings. But I got bad news for my critics of this project, this is centuries old technology.

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