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With all the inventing and tinker and I do I tend a burn through equipment faster than most people. So when my $100 solder fume extractor gave up the ghosts I wasn't really willing to go and spend more money on something that I needed to use every day but thought I could build just as well for a fraction of the price. So using some of the shelf parts a screwdriver and a pair of wire cutters I was able to produce an excellent replacement for a fraction of the cost of a new unit.
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Similar to our grow room project we have designed a system that can monitor and react to environmental variables in a grow nursery environment with our open source sprout board kit. This system monitors temperature, humidity, fluid levels, light levels, and detects leaks and if a condition is met it will send out SMS, twitter and Email messages. It also controls the light cycle, fans and pumps and accessories to insure optimal growth in seedling phases of plant development. We have tried to create a flexible platform for both Soil and soilless environments.
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I've been playing with algae and Bio reactor design for the past few years and I've had a lot of fun doing it. Our sister site algaegeek.com we have several different plans and sets of instructions to build all sorts of bioreactors but what I found is most people don't even understand where to get started with algae research. So I put together this fairly basic and straightforward algae research lab setup so that I could spend some time understanding each algae strains and what it requires to make those as productive as possible. Hopefully what I've done here will be useful and at a minimum mildly entertaining.
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Whats New At Inventgeek

    Arduino Automated Nursery
      This project is near and dear to the sprout board crew. Ultimately this concept was the genesis of a flexible platform with many applications. As our designs evolved we realized the tremendous opportunity to create something meaningful with this concept. This focus ultimately guided our decision process create completed projects in place of generic [...]

    Floating Raft Deep Water Culture
    So I’ve been on a hydroponics kick it seems lately. it’s not that I’m some sort of vegan hippy tree hugger… I still play with my Arduino’s, blow stuff up and have midnight raves with led’s. But there is something just captivating with watching the grass grow. This project has to be my favorite hydroponic [...]

    Deep Water Culture Update
    Well, we have had our deep water culture system running for a couple months now and I thought I would share some results. Check out the end product! Tomatoes daily! For more info on creating a deep water culture system I recommend you read our article here.