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Algae Necklace

The stuff you will need


1- Necklace Vial – These are available in almost any craft store.


One necklace Cord – This cord is realy nice, its leather and already complete.


Algae – For our algae we opted to use a salt water algae that is very hardy. This Caulerpa Micro Algae seems to fit the bill.


Step one – Remove the cork and set it aside. Wash the glass bottle out.


Step two – remove the eye hook from the cork.


Step three – Attach the eye hook to the necklace.


Step four – Add your algae to the vial. Add just enough water to reach the neck of the vial.


Step Five – insert the cork so that the top of the cork is flush with the top of the vial. Use a drop of super glue on the hole in the cork and then screw in the eye screw. This extra step will insure it wont fall apart. Thanks and we hope you enjoy!


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