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So every so often I get the opportunity to do some creative or problems solving physical projects at my day job. Yep I have a day job… inventgeek is not my day job. But hey we try awful hard for about a week every month for you guys! So this month I thought I would publish a how to article for the infamous meeting light project I put together. At our office we had a little problem with meeting consistently and I have been rather interested in lean manufacturing for years. Basically what we produced is a Kanban or a visual indicator of a status that those around the area can see to act as a reminder for us. It acts as a great reminder for the team as well as blends into the funky environment we have.

Sadly the owner of the company that we built this project for almost immediately had his eyes gloss over and just ignored the light. Yep still no team meetings or direction… that’s how it goes some times. Oh well, it was worth a try…

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