LCD Backlight Repair

LCD Monitors have become very popular with prices coming down, and screen sized growing. Those of us that have used LCD monitors for a while know that over time the backlight starts to dim and will eventually completely fail. Leaving you with some electronic scrap that you could sell on eBay for 35 bucks or so. Well for less than $20.00 and about a half hour of your time you can replace the backlight and rejuvenate that monitor to as good as new condition. So man the surplus scrounging wagon and head out to your local school surplus or eBay!

I have been using LCD monitors for years now, and unfortunately I have had the backlights in a couple of them fail. One failed due to the bulb, the second failed due to the power supply failing and hosing the bulb. I attempted to contact the manufacturers several times to try to get replacement parts, but the drones that work at Viewsonic or KDS gave me a canned response. “The model you have has been replaced with a newer model and is not supported any more”. almost every other month Viewsonic comes out with a new model that is faster refresh, or higher contrast ratio or something of the like…. so it has been totally imposable to get replacement parts. Couple that with the usual one year backlight warranty and you can see it can be good business for them to have a part that costs less them less than a dollar fail just after the warranty runs out. Well realizing that I am not the only one that has felt this frustration I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was surprised how easy and cheep it was to rescue my LCD monitors from the geek hacking bench.

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