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Our new channel where we experiment with RC airplanes, design our own and have a ton of fun all the while. Check us out! It is sure to be entertaining.

About the Inventgeek Reboot

Welcome to the refreshed InventGeek site. We have been hard at work replacing our antiquated and long dead content management system and moving our data over to this new platform to help bring InventGeek into the modern era. Seriously our old content management system was so bad that it was painful to use that we didn’t. So we have a number of never published articles we will be launching as well as new ideas, concepts and projects.

We have also merged the content from a handful of niche sites we have been working on to simplify the management of content and to help remove barriers that have stopped our creative juices from flowing.

For the last two years my focus has shifted to opportunities that evolved from the confidence I gained in my efforts with Invent Geek. I have started a handful of companies, work on developing products and participating in charity work. Recently I realized that this site had been a catalyst in my personal growth and helping me develop the skills I needed to be successful in business.

If you would like to share your projects and articles with the InventGeek audience let us know. We are looking for authors that just want to have fun sharing there projects with the world. If this is you shoot us an email.

Thanks for your support and interest as we reboot and bring the site back up to snuff

From the Blog