Simple Solder Fume Extractor

Project Cost:20.00
Est Construction Time: .5 Hr
Required Skill Level: Scissors and Screwdriver



With all the inventing and tinker and I do I tend a burn through equipment faster than most people. So when my $100 solder fume extractor gave up the ghosts I wasn’t really willing to go and spend more money on something that I needed to use every day but thought I could build just as well for a fraction of the price. So using some of the shelf parts a screwdriver and a pair of wire cutters I was able to produce an excellent replacement for a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

So the main component in this project is the mobile fan two by Thermaltake. This simple little USB powered desktop fan contains all the components we need to hack together a really great fume extractor. These are available in different sizes and range anywhere between 10 and $25.00 depending on the vendor you buy it from.

Next we have the most important part of a solder fume extractor, the active carbon filters. These filters pictured above are inexpensive replacement filters that I picked up on Amazon .Com for about $10.00. The nice thing about the these filters is they are expensive and can be cut and shape that you need.

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  1. Rex Murphy
    January 4, 2015 at 10:46 pm — Reply

    Good idea! Might want to try more and better carbon, though, as those sheets don’t remove chemical pollutants that well. You can buy bulk industrial carbon at the website above, by the way.

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