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DIY 40 Inch Silver Reflector

Overview: So photography is not only a hobby of mine, but also more or less absolute necessity for what I do here on invent geek. That being said I have always been appalled at the high prices for photography equipment and accessories and I find myself thinking that I could …

Our ProjectsPhotographyProduct Development

DIY 42 Inch Silver Photo Umbrella

Overview: This project is the next in a series of DIY Photography Studio Equipment projects we are doing to improve the quality of the imagery on our site as well as in preparation for the launch of our new sister site dedicated to photography equipment projects. The next major component …

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Long Exposure Light Sculpture

Overview: This project has become one of my all time favorite projects. I have had a love for Long Exposure photography for a long time and I deeply enjoy engaging in the art. But for me Long Exposure photography can start to feel very static and I felt like I …

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EL Wire Butter Fly Wings

I did this as a fun project for a friend for the element 11 festival in Utah this spring. They turned out so wonderful that I had to write them up for all of you. This really makes a great Halloween costume and if you have little ones it makes …